Pop Art Pop Culture // Production 1 Blog // Week 2

As you may know, for this first assignment we are required to create playing cards in a chosen art style. I chose to do the style of Pop Art and completed 6 cards (so far) that respond to the given task. For my cards I chose to use modern day pop culture references to tie in with the different suits. For example;

  • King of Spades – Kanye West announcing that he was running for presidency in 2020 at the VMA’s.
  • Queen of Diamonds – Nikki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus on trash talking her in the media at the VMA’s
  • Jack of Hearts – the new trend in men’s hair style of having long hair – portrayed by and image of Harry Styles and the quote of “long hair don’t care.”


I chose to use this as with the age of the internet and having everyone connected to celebrities and pop culture so closely that it would be easy to understand the meaning of the cards. If I were to continue in making the full set, some of the references I would use would be:

  • The introduction of Caitlyn Jenner
  • Game of thrones references
  • Netflix and chill
  • Memes from the internet
  • Zayn Malik leaving One Direction

As well as using some of these for the face cards, I would also be including words that incorporate onomatopoeia for the regular numbered cards. Some words that I would use are:

  • Pop
  • Bang
  • Whaam
  • Snap
  • Zoom


Pop Art Pop Culture // Production 1 Blog // Week 2

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