CATCH UP // PRODUCTION 1 // WEEK 8, 9, 10 & 11

Ok wow 4 weeks of no blogging… what am I doing with my life? For starters I’ve been working hard on my LGBT+ Publication with Jo, Mahdi & Jasmine! At this point we’ve completed an almost perfect rough draft ready to hand in for week 12! After the two gallery walks we’ve changed the overall look of the document as well as the target audience and what we will be including in the actual document. I feel like its better now as our new target audience is young people around the ages of 11-15. The overall design of the document is set up to resemble a written-in journal.

During this time we also received the characters and flags that are being placed into the document.


Additionally, I’ve created myself a logo and business card. I did this at the beginning of the trimester but forgot to share them in my blog. Oops. I am wanting to design myself a website also but I am holding off due to the stress of my assignments at this current time.

BUISNESS CARD FRONT copyheaderlogo

After I finished my logo I realized it sort of looked like the game cube logo and I plan on adjusting it later.

Outside of university work, I have been taking a lot of photos recently for multiple events such as my sisters dance concert. Here are some of my favourite images from that.


They haven’t been edited properly as of yet and are darker than I would have liked but that is due to my lack of knowledge about my cameras ISO settings.

Recently there were large storms that wrecked my area and prevented me from uploading blogs as well. Here is some of the wreckage from next to my house.

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Next time I am part of a group assignment I will make sure to add the weather into the project plan as something that can interrupt a persons work load.


CATCH UP // PRODUCTION 1 // WEEK 8, 9, 10 & 11