GUEST SPEAKER – Kara Thattanankham // PRODUCTION 2 // WEEK 2

This week we had a guest speaker come and talk to us about her life after SAE. Her name is Kara Thattanankham and she is a head designer at a clothing company. Additionally she has a shelf at another store (which I have forgotten the name of) and also manages her own business – Kareki Art.

Kara talked to us about her time at QUT when she got her degree in fine arts and how she then transferred over to SAE as she could get more jobs as a graphic designer than a fine artist. It was also interesting to hear about her time at QUT as she said that a lot of people would think that you’re a “sellout” if you like to make money off of your  art.

After she finished talking about her schooling she then went on to talk about her career in more depth and how she got there. It was inspiring to hear about her journey even though I personally am not an illustrator so a lot of the advice she gave was not applicable to me.

However some of the advice she gave about having an online presence and also interacting with the community was great to hear and I am going to begin taking it into consideration when I begin building up my portfolio in the future.

GUEST SPEAKER – Kara Thattanankham // PRODUCTION 2 // WEEK 2



This week half the class and I learned a lot about studio photography with Paul. He taught us how to set up our cameras, how to assemble the studio lights and the importance of lighting.

After assembling the equipment we paired up and took photos of each other using one studio light with a soft box filter on it. The photos above are some of my favourites as I like how the light is hitting Tara.

I am really interested in perusing a career in studio photography along with graphic design so learning about the studio is really interesting to me. In the future I want to experiment more with lighting and different camera techniques.

I would like to do portrait photography as I have a shaky hand and wouldn’t be able to do macro photography (that and also bugs are gross), I am not athletic enough to travel and hike for landscape photography even though I would love to do that as well. Additionally I am not interested in sports photography, therefore I feel like portrait photography is the way to go.



As one of my analogue pieces for our first assignment, I am making fruit/ fruit themed candles. My idea for this is to work with hollowed fruit and fill it with soy wax bought from Spotlight.

After shopping for supplies (and buying the cheapest watermelon in the world – 20c) I got help from my grandfather to cut open and empty a coconut. I sprayed it with some sealant and began melting my soy wax in the microwave in 60 second rounds.


I filled the coconut with the wax and set it aside to cool.

After this, I began to experiment and see if I could colour my wax. I originally tried with regular food colouring but (after some experimentation) I realized that food colouring was water based and would not mix with the soy wax.


However after the wax had hardened it created this cool effect. After some research I found out that you have to use crayons to colour wax (which makes 10 times more sense as they are also made of wax….).

After this discovery I went to make a fruit smoothie themed candle. This worked out so much better and I am really happy with how it turned out. First I melted half a red crayon into the soy wax and poured it into a mason jar.


I left it to set overnight before returning and repeating the process with an orange crayon and yellow crayon. The colours dulled from their melted state as the soy wax hardens white but I liked the effect it gave as it made it more realistic as a fruit smoothie with the different colours.


END RESULTS (note: better photos coming soon):






First day into the new trimester and everything is moving forward! We’ve begun our production two class by discussing what we are going to do with the trimester and our first assignment. This trimester is going to be illustration and photography based which I am super excited for as I LOVE photography.

For our first assignment we have to create 15 different images of the same object. There has to be equal amounts of analogue, photography and digital art works. The object I was given is fruit. I am very excited for this as I have 1001 ideas of what to do. Some of them include:

  • Visual puns -> “going up the pears”, “dragon fruit” & “popping the cherry”
  • Fruit prints
  • Creating fruit hybrids -> grapple (grape + apple)
  • Fruit juice horror collage
  • fruit cake vs. pavlova

I got inspiration from these images found from pintrest (x).



Today we experimented with art styles and created our 5 week planner so we have organised when we are going to complete this assignment. We also created time sheets that we will be using to document the hours we put into this project.


The art medium I used during this class was charcoal. I really enjoy using it as it is fun to work with, rough and blends well.



Today we worked with photography and learnt all about the ISO, aperture & shutter speed. I found it really interesting and learnt a lot, especially when we went to test our new knowledge.

The photos that I really like from the day are:

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Some photos that didn’t work out are:

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These photos didn’t work out as they are over or under exposed. This was also a result of the combination of the ISO, shutter speed and the aperture. Unfortunately  I didn’t record the settings I used so I will have to take more photos in my own time and make sure that I record the given information: lens, ISO, shutter speed and aperture.