1. Customer
    1. The needs of the customers through Cosmos Cosmetics is high-quality makeup with clean and clear branding for them to follow. Photography of products and swatches is a must as well as the details of the product stated clearly on the packaging.
  2. Company
    1. The company can manage to provide the customer’s needs through our SWOT analysis

Innovative theme of branding
Themed company has never been done before in cosmetics

Difficulties in getting customer loyalty

Collaborating with other brands/ celebrities for promotion

Larger companies copying the pallets & selling them as their own

  1. Competition
    1. The main competition for Cosmos Cosmetics are:
      1. Urban Decay

      2. BH Cosmetics

      3. Zoeva

      4. Kat Von D

      5. Colour Pop

      6. Bobbi Brown

  2. Collaborates 
    1. Cosmos Cosmetics would have a lot of partnerships when it comes to creating the makeup itself as it would be produced in many different countries once the brand is able to go worldwide. Additionally, collaborations with other cosmetics brands is a possibility for cross promotions (e.g. the NARS/Steven Klein pallet).
  3. Context
    1. Political Issues:
      1. Animal testing: Cosmos Cosmetics WILL NOT test on animals ever
    2. Economic Issues:
      1. No issues, creates jobs in the corporate, manufactoring and retial work forces.
    3. Social Impacts:
      1. N/A
    4. Techological Impacts:
      1. N/A

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