1. Competition in the industry
    1. Major competition in the industry:
        1. Urban Decay

        2. BH Cosmetics

        3. Zoeva

        4. Kat Von D

        5. Colour Pop

        6. Bobbi Brown

        7. Rimmel London
        8. Lo’Oreal Paris
  2. Potential of new entrants into the industry
    1. The potential of having a new brand in the industry creates more jobs for workers, more content for online creatives to showcase and new things for cosmetics enthusiasts to consume.
  3. Power of suppliers
    1. Prices of cosmos cosmetics products will not fluxuate in price regardless of where it is sold (taking into cosideration of the dollar value in selected country)
  4. Power of customers
    1. Popular products sold will most likeley be reduced slightly in price due to high demands and newer products will be elevated in price to bring in the lost revenue from the reductions.
  5. The threat of substitute products
    1. As the cosmetic industry and the work that goes on with it, having mixed cosmetics for an event is fine as l0ng as every brand is referenced clearly.



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