1. Logo BTP copy

Cosmos Cosmetics was the brand that I created for my Studio 3 branding assignment. It is a galaxy themed cosmetics company to be sold Australia wide. There were a lot of positives and negatives found while completing this company.


  • Photography
    • The photography for Cosmos Cosmetics was by far my favourite part of the whole branding as it was a lot of fun to shoot and experiment with. I love using imagery in my designs and having a set of high-quality photographs that I created was amazing.
  • Logo
    • I liked the logo I chose as it was diverse and could be used as both the full logo or just an icon. It was fun to experiment and create this logo and has made creating my deliverables fun for myself. Additionally, I also really like the logo as I collaborated with an animation student to animate it and I loved how it turned out.
  • Business cards
    • I like the business cards I created as they can be customised for the area where it is sent to. However, I don’t like the idea of having the circular die-cut in my business card as I feel as if it is unneeded
  • Packaging
    • At first, I didn’t like my packaging but after a re-design I found myself liking the finished product especially after printing it out and creating it. Packaging is something I will need to work on in the future as during my rough stages I would find dimensions difficult to work with, especially when working on a computer screen. This is something I would like to improve on in the future.
  • Posters
    • I really like my A1 poster but wish the gallery walk was a week earlier before I ordered my A1 poster to be printed as I received a lot of great feedback to add to it. I think it is effective and will definitely draw in customers when seen.
  • Stickers
    • I really liked my stickers as they are practical and fit the style guide perfectly.


  • Video advertisement
    • I don’t like the video advertisement created as I was unable to get the assistance of film students in time and had to create it myself resulting in a low quality and badly edited ad. I am not happy with this and given the chance would re-create it with proper help.
  • Online social media advertisements
    • I feel like my social media adverts were weak as in the cosmetic industry these days a lot of advertisements for makeup companies come from beauty tutorials and makeup gurus giving their opinions on the products. I would reconsider turning my online advertisement to being a “paid sponsor” from a popular youtube personality like Nikki Tutorials, etc.
  • Website
    • I am not 100% happy with the website as I wanted to change a lot more things with the website, however,the platform I used to create it gave me limited options resulting in a poorly designed website that was far from my original concept.

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