This trimester I have learnt a lot about my creative style and how I complete my tasks. Some things that I have learnt are:

  • Following tutorials
    • I have learnt a lot about following tutorials this trimester as it gives me the opportunity to create something new and interesting that looks effective. For example, I followed a tutorial to create the SYNERGY banner for the Trimester 2 2016 Design, Web and Animation exhibition.
    • Synergy fixed.png
    • Additionally, I followed a tutorial to make a lightsaber in adobe illustrator. This was also fun as it gave me a deeper look to how other people can see shapes and how they create amazing pieces of art.
    • Logo
  • Listening to client briefs and delivering a concept in a short amount of time
    • Early in the trimester, we had a visit from the head of the Kyra + Kenja business. It was great to do a quick turn around pitch and presentation for him and I learnt a lot about picky customers.
  • Client communication
    • I have heard a lot about void clients before but experiencing it for myself was a learning experience. I had signed up to help an audio student create a cassette tape cover for his EP, however, we only ever had one meeting and I received little to no creative direction and there was no communication between us.
  • Self-Branding
    • Creating self-branding was very hard and annoying for me to do. I am a picky person and could never commit to a logo in the past. However, I am very happy with what I created as part of my self-branding and won’t be changing it for a while.
    • 3

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