• Love the colours! I like your branding
  • Love it! Annette SSA
  • Great work. It would be nice to see a menu bar at the top so the website feels more grounded. Seems a little bit too floaty. Really lovely colours and aesthetic. A bit concerned on relying on HD pictures on background.
  • Business card is simple and effective. I really like the ‘Z’ logo too. Nice and colourful.
  • Love the website!
  • Branding is really nice! Love the business cards
  • The Zelda Jones logo is epic!! Really nice colours.
  • Princess Leia (response to photgraph)
  • WordPress & Wix (for website building)
  • Love how you’ve carried your brand right through your cosmos project. Logo is excellent, website is very clean & thought out. Great work you’re very pasisonate.
  • Straight forward – everything enchances the brands overall theme
  • B/Card: Make white line more fine
  • Posters: Move logo down “same as leading as above”
  • Sort out email, fb & instagram to match
  • I like the A3 posters with the brighter background
  • Very thought out & well researched
  • Incorporate more close up beauty shots of makeup, maybe hone in on specific features like the eyes for eyeshadow, lips for lipstick etc.

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